WinnerTable cHTTAMore than thirty members of Hexham Town Twinning Association met in Vercelli on Priestpopple on the evening of 22nd January for a social event to brighten the dark (and blustery) nights of winter. Members assembled in the bar area and made a start on the picture quiz, put together by several committee members, with a suitably Continental flavour. It tested our knowledge of well-known persons from the past (is that really what Jacques Cousteau looked like?) but included Italian, German and French actors and models of our own day. At 8pm the supper provided by Vercelli was a hearty choice of pizza, lasagne and chips.


WinnerTable cHTTAThe serious business of the quiz resumed and moved on to literature and history. Gulp! The winning team, seen top left, consisted of two theatre directors, two musicians, sundry talented persons and the essential younger members for those tricky 'happening' questions. Our thanks to Jan Lambert for coordinating the guest list and to all who set the questions, and to Vercelli for such a great supper.

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