Committee Members May 2023

Chair: Marianne Corder
Secretary: Jan Lambert
Treasurer: Micky Macgregor
Metzingen link: Penny Giddings
Noyon link: Gerry Parkinson
Website and social media: Stephen Conlin
Representative from Q.E.H. School: Jake Perrie and Amelia Dalton

Cathy Booth

Sarah Kemp

Representative from Hexham Town Council: Vacant

Mayors/ Leadership

Mayor of Hexham: Cllr Derek Kennedy

Former mayors with a long-standing commitment to Town Twinning:  Cllr Trevor Cessford, Mr Tom Gillanders and Mr Bob Hull

Our connections in Metzingen and Noyon


President of town twinning: Raphael Szeider
Mayor: Carmen Haberstroh


President of town twinning: Jacques de Franssu

Mayor: Sandrine Dauchelle